iPhone 4 + Volume Key Stuck

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    Yesterday my up volume key got stuck somehow. It won't click and you have to push very hard in order for the volume rocker to register. I got this phone in early March after my original iPhone 4 was replaced. I no longer have AppleCare because my year was up in March, but I'm assuming I still have the additional 90 days left of the replacement iphone warranty. My question is: Is there a way I can fix the volume rocker without opening the iphone? And if not, is there a high possibility that Apple will replace or fix my iPhone because of this defect? Thanks in advance.
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    In short, take it back in to Apple. You have a 90 day warranty on the replacement even if your original warranty has expired.

    Most likely, the little plastic/ dot that is between the rear of the button and the flex cable has slipped loose. You could fix it yourself if you didn't want to get a replacement for some reason, but if it's a covered phone why would you bother? You'd need to remove the back plate and logic board to get to it. Apple should replace it with no problem.

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