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    Dec 18, 2010
    Hey i have a quick question about iphone warranty and replacement. Today i went to the apple store with a friend who had a mac issue. At the appt. i asked a question about my recently purchased iphone which had small scratches/air bubbles at the bottom near the edge. I thought they were scratches because i recently took the phone to the genius bar to have a look at it because of a sotfware issue. It was opened and i didnt notice the scratches/air bubbles until few days ago.
    Long story short. I got a phone swap and was wondering if the phone i got is a brand new iphone 4 or is a refurb, i assume it is new but can it have refurb parts? And i asked the apple associate about warranty and how it works with the swapping, he told me its still extended and i can get the same support on this phone, is it true?
    And another question i was thinking about getting apple care? Is it worth it?
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    They most likely swapped it with a refurb. But Apple's refurbs are top notch and just as good as new units.
    And yes you still have the same warranty that lasts a year from the day you purchased your phone.
    Up to you if you want an extra year of applecare. If you plan on keeping it for 2 years go for it.
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    Most likely a refurb... Same warranty, and AppleCare is up to you

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