Iphone 4 water damage policy???????

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vamshi032, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. vamshi032 macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2010
    Hello evry one. I hapnd to drop my phone in a milk bowl. I took it out almost immediately. Luckily the both sensors at the bottom and top did not trigger. But my earpiece stopped working. I cannot answer calls as I cant hear voice frm the othr side, its too low. Tried evrything frm increasing volume to slamming it on my hand unless rest of the liquid comes out. So my question is what happens now if I take my phone to apple genius bar???
  2. crazytiger86 macrumors 6502

    Aug 30, 2010
    Dry it out in rice.
    Also there is a liquid sensor on the inside of the phone and you might have triggered that. The liquid sensor isnt necessarily the be all end all say in wheter there was water damage...

    Keep it mind, Milk isnt like water. Its a little bit worse. When milk it dries it will leave a residue and "harden" or "crystallize" (look at the top of your milk carton next time youre in the icebox) and those are pretty good indicators that there was liquid damage...plus it can really get funkified when it dries.
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    Oct 9, 2010
    well the good news is there's a 95% chance that they'll exchange it on the spot for a new one since the external liquid indicators haven't been activated. they only check the internal ones when the external ones have been activated.
  4. vamshi032 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2010
    Thnks for the rply, But do u guys think tht they r goin to dismantle the phone in front of me to check the reason for the problm? If they do they might find tht its because of the liquid.
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    Apr 27, 2005
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    In front of you? Probably not. But it is likely that they'll open the device in the back of the store if they suspect any liquid or accidental damage. However, they might not; it's very dependent upon the genius you get.
  6. MacDawg macrumors Core


    Mar 20, 2004
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    Your only recourse is to take it to Apple and let them evaluate it
    Any opinions here are pure speculation and will not affect your actual situation
    Each store / genius / experience will be different

    And after all, your issues are in fact due to liquid damage
    And since it is milk, it is likely that will be evident even if the sensors are not activated
  7. vamshi032 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2010

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