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  1. Tad88, Feb 25, 2011
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    Tad88 macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2011
    I have iphone 4 with ios 4.2.1 and i have problem with its wifi signal reception as i noticed that when i connect my iphone to wireless router and just go away from router by about 5 feet and then grip iphone in landscape mode, wifi indicator icon in iphone show drop in signal strenght from 3 bars to 2 and even 1 bar and i realized cause of this drop as when i grip mobile in landscape position my hand cover iphone's wifi antenna which present at upper border of iphone 4 to the right near to lock button leading to decrease iphone wifi reception ability as when i remove my hand from this side of iphone, wifi indicator icon return to full 3 bars again and i tried to put bumber and also plastic cover around iphone but they did not make any difference and problem persist so i just want to know if this problem present in all iphone 4 devices or it is just present in my device as when i took device back to shop where i bought it from, seller there told me that this problem present in all iphone 4 devices and he showed me another device with same problem but actually till now i do not trust on what he said so what do you think about my problem and. Plz i want from iphone 4 owners here to just test their devices and tell me if they have same issue or not ??

    Sorry for this long topic and thanx for any help
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    The WiFi on my phone works fine, but I assume that if I cover the antenna, the signal will drop accordingly. Why would you expect that covering the antenna wouldn't impede signal reception?
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Thanks for your answer and i expect that as i had iphone 3gs and many nokia mobilephones before and all of them had wifi but no one of them showed this problem whatever the way i grip them in landscape or portrait positions.
  4. Tad88 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2011

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