IPhone 4 Wifi Range Issues

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  1. iFuNKT macrumors newbie

    Oct 14, 2011
    Hi Everyone

    I need an opinion on my current situation

    I went into the genius bar with my Iphone 4 which had been replaced 3 weeks ago, I explained to the apple genius that the wifi on the the new phone
    was only now picking up 1 bar or dropping out compared to my previous handset which always has full signal in my home (which is Wireless G).

    With this the genius connected my phone to the store wifi which was Wireless N and took the phone outside the store to check the signal which turned out to be fine, he came back saying nothing was wrong but I questioned this further as he ran the test with a wireless N router which would provide better range in its self.

    I tryed to explain to him my concern as I still did not think something was right due to the massive change im getting at home, I said " so if I had 2 IPhone 4 handsets sitting at home next to each other for 3 weeks and one handset has full signal all the time and the other getting 1 bar and cutting out all the time would you think thats normal" in which he replied yes.

    I feel to be honest like he was just fobbing me off.

    I would appreciate any comments on this as I will be going back for another appointment with someone else as the genius seemed uninterested in the issue.

    Thank You
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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Call Apple support. Sometimes they're much more helpful than the Geniuses.

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