Iphone 4 with audi mmi (streaming pandora)

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Ok so on my 3gs with a jailbreak and sbsettings, I was able to respring while connected to the mmi and the mmi would glitch-out but kept the audio input open. I was then able to stream pandora fine. Now with the iphone 4 I can't do this with no jailbreak. However, a couple days ago something happened and the mmi glitched out with the iphone 4 connected and I was able to stream pandora. I was wondering if anyone figured out how exactly to get this to happen with the iphone 4 without a jailbreak. I can't figure out for the life of me what it was that cause that to happen but I would like to be able to repeat it so I can continue to stream pandora.

    Anyone with an audi + mmi want to chime in?

    P.S. The MMI system accesses the ipod player app directly from the car, there is no line in option without switching the cable out for a 3.5mm. For those familiar with those mmi cables, they are expensive.
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    Feb 24, 2011
    Here is a process/hack that I use to get Pandora (or any other audio) to play on my connected iPhone (will also work with iPod Touch):

    1. Plug iPhone into iPod cable
    2. Wait for initialization to take place - iPod app will be active and MMI system will have taken control of iPhone
    3. Click on iPhone home button; launch Pandora
    4. Double click on iPhone home button to view running apps
    5. Click and hold on iPod icon until running apps are editable (ability to close apps)
    6. Kill iPod app by clicking on red X on the iPod app icon
    7. Click iPhone home button to exit running apps edit mode
    8. Navigate to Pandora and control playback from iPhone directly

    At this point, audio from Pandora will be playing back through your MMI system. All control of Pandora needs to be done on the iPhone.

    I have an 2010 Q5 with iPod cable and MMI (latest sw update).

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