iPhone 4 with iOS 5 Beta 5 Burning Hot

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Los, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I really don't know how to describe what just happened. I have iOS 5 beta 5 installed on the iPhone, so far on all the betas, everything has been fine. Including this one. Well, late last night I decided to buy the Power Mat for my iPhone since I was looking for a case and noticed it was on sale at Wal-Mart for $30.

    Anyways, I put it on the iPhone and wanted to charge it, but since I put the charging mat on the bed next to me, I decided not to since I didn't want to accidentally knock it down, so I took it off. Well fast forward in the morning, I felt like checking the time and I found my iPhone to be burning hot. Hotter than that one time you decided to play a 3D rendered game for a couple of hours. This thing was just straight up hot to the touch.

    The iPhone was displaying the click wheel screen over and over again, it did not get out of it until it died just a few minutes ago and I charged the phone back (without the case this time) to boot it back up.

    Two things happened here. Either the Powermat adapter caused the iPhone to overheat, somehow without a source of electricity. Remember, I didn't put it in the mat. Or iOS 5 Beta 5 may have a bug with 3rd Party (or even 1st) products that use the dock connector.

    I don't even know what in the world to make of it at the moment, I have no idea if I should go to an Apple Store and try and see if anything happened to the phone. It was definitely overheated by a ridiculous amount, but the phone seems fine at the moment. My iPhone just got out of warranty too, so that's also an issue.
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    This is a reported issue... inb4 OP getting flamed about using Beta Software. This is just one of the issues with the new Betas that many people are having...

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