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    Tim Cook mentioned during the earnings call of third quarter that the September quarter could be affected by a product transition.

    Here is what I feel will happen. Both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will be discontinued and replaced by iPhone 4S as a low cost iPhone. Now, why will Apple discontinue the best seller iPhone 4? Probably to fix the antenna and not give everyone another chance to criticize the iPhone.

    The 4S will be similar to iPhone 4 but will come with an A5 processor, redesigned antenna and iOS 5. iPhone 4S will be the first phone available in October priced at $49 for 8GB, $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB, available in black and white on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

    iPhone 5 will be Apple's newest flagship device. With a complete redesign, iPhone 5 will be the thinnest and lightest iPhone. It will look similar to the iPad 2, and will have the A5 processor, 512MB RAM, 8MP camera and iOS 5. It will be available only on AT&T and Verizon and priced at $199 (or $249) for 16GB and $299 (or $349) for 32GB. The reason Apple might price the 16GB iPhone 5 for $249 will be to probably introduce the 8GB iPhone 5 for $199.
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    Stopped reading right there...
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    You're not the only one getting sick of all the predictions.
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    I do admit that the title "MacRumors" suggests that this is a place for rumors however the subject of this thread is so redundant and is so many other threads that it just gets kinda old. I understand you want to share your opinion and i value it, however there are several threads with this same subject. Now, its too late and you've already made the thread so lets actually add something productive in the pool of negativity that is my post. I agree and really hope the 4s is not the only model available, and that there is a device named the "iPhone 5" that is a spectacular improvement on the current iP4.
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    Mariana Trench
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    How is 2 too many models?
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    Highly doubt the IP4S ill be priced at $49, i mean its a better IP4 which is now priced at $200, they cant afford to Improve the IP4 and lower the price

    the only reason the 3gs dropped to $49 was because it wasnt upgraded so they could lower the price

    and why would they release it in black and white....seems like just black if its a lower end phone

    IP5 will only be released with at&t and verizon? lol its HIGHLY likely that sprint will be getting it, cmon where have you been for the past 2 months, its the one of the biggest/credible rumors that been floating around about the IP5
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    There isn't gonna be 3 different capacitys per model. Probably 1 for the 4s, (8 or 16 gig) and 2 for the iPhone 5. (16/32 or 32/64)


    Re-read it. He said only the "4s" would come to sprint, which some of the rumors have said.
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    That isn't different from what we have now
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    No one cares what you think is going to happen. Everything you said has been said before. Thanks for the pointless thread.

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