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    Advice needed to configure an old iPhone as an audio player only.

    I got my hands on a free iPhone 4s (a1387) that I'm going to use as a mobile device to listen to podcasts+music.
    I haven't had any use for an iPhone, so I haven't paid any attention to any IOS info, at this point. And why I'm asking a stupid question.
    All I want to use it for is to listen to audio podcasts, music etc. No video or pictures. No cell phone service. Just as a mobile device to listen to podcasts. I can plug into my macbook pro + iTunes to load podcasts with no problems...but there's so much other crap on this iphone.
    What can I get rid of as far as apps and all the bells+whistles that I will have no use for? This thing has all the social media crap on it like Twitter etc. that I won't be using.
    What all can I delete or turn off? Settings? Notifications? Cell data yadda yadda?

    I might use the camera occasionally. But I'm looking to use it as a bare-bones iPod, of sorts.

    So any info, advise, tips, suggestions would be appreciated. "Get another iPod, dummy" doesn't count! :)

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    Jan 2, 2011
    It sounds like you got the phone from someone that didn't restore (wipe) it. If that is the case, just connect the phone to iTunes, and select Restore As New". After the phone restores, you will be prompted to set-up the "new" phone, and you can turn on what you want.

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