Iphone 4s bootloop

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    Jul 20, 2012
    Hey guys, having a weird problem, iPhone 4s with OS 5.1.1, it somehow blanked out then asked to be restored through iTunes, I used TinyUmbrella to Kick device out of DFU mode hoping that would help and that I wouldn't have to restore. as soon as Tiny Umbrella did what it was suppose to do the iPhone started a reboot pattern every 3 seconds, after hours of trying I am able to put the phone into a dfu state using iREB, but even in this state whenever i try to do a restore through iTunes as soon as iTunes restore get to "preparing the iPhone for restore", the phone turns back on and goes into the reboot phase all over again, while in this reboot phase the phone is not loading up long enough for the computer/itunes/redsnow/or tiny umbrella to recognize it. I assume that the easiest thing were to be if i can get the phone into a pwn dfu mode, but as i read i don't think that's possible as yet for the iPhone 4s, please help
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    Mar 8, 2012
    Try using RecBoot as an alternative to gain DFU mode.

    Try using Redsn0w to restore to a IPSW you downloaded, instead of using iTunes.

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