iPhone iphone 4s broken after update to ios8.3

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by dahl24, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. dahl24 macrumors newbie

    Apr 13, 2015

    If anyone can help with this I will be eternally in your debt (a metaphor, non contractually binding).

    Basically the phone is now stuck in recovery mode, but after searching for quite a while I can't find any solution. Here is exactly what happened and all the things I've done:

    My iPhone 4s was running on ios 7 and hadn't been updated for quite some time... Just recently I started to get battery drain issues, so after some failed troubleshooting I decided I would update (ios 8.3)...

    Initially I tried to update from the phone itself. The update downloaded, but crashed during the install, frozen on the verifying update screen (I left it for 4 hours).

    I reset the phone, and it came back on. The update was downloaded on the phone, but when I checked, it hadn't been installed, it was still on ios 7 (should of left it here, and all would be well).

    So, I deleted the download update from my phone, and decided to update through iTunes. This time it crashed again, frozen on the apple logo/progress bar screen.

    This time, the phone would not restart. It just comes on in recovery mode with the red iTunes logo and cable.

    I tried to restore, however I just get the following error when the progress bar is at about 3/4 on the phone:

    "The iphone could not be restored, an unknown error occured (1)"

    I put the phone in DFU mode with the black screen, and tried to restore again. The same error occurred at the same time again. I have tried restoring in both recovery and DFU mode numerous times.

    I have the latest version of itunes 11.2.2, but macbook is running on Snow Leopard (Everything works perfectly on my macbook and has done for ages, so I don't want to update my OSX, this is not the first time I have suffered apples update issues).

    I've never jailbroken my phone, but come upon lots of info whilst searching for a solution to this problem (for example downgrading back to iOS 7)

    However, I don't have my SHSH Blobs (did I get that right?), so I believe this rules out installing iOS. If there is a way I can do this, that would be amazing.

    Any advice at all (apart from "use as a paperweight" or "use as a hammer") would genuinely be very much appreciated...
  2. matthew2926 macrumors 6502

    Sep 13, 2013
    iTunes error 1 signifies a hardware issue. Because you said that you experienced decreased battery life shortly before you tried to update, my guess is that either your baseband chip or somet u ing else in your phone failed which resulted in decreased battery life. This can be confirmed by attempting to restore in DFU or recovery mode (preferably DFU) from a different computer. If another computer also gives you error 1 in iTunes, you're pretty much out of luck. In addition, because you've tried to update your phone, there will most likely be no way to get it working back on iOS 7 again. You will either have to get iOS 8 running or consider it bricked.

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