iPhone 4S - Car kit that fits with a Bumper


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Apr 11, 2008
Hi all,

I'm looking for an in-car holder for a 4S (preferably one that clips into the air vent/outlet) that will accomodate the phone even with an Apple Bumper on the phone.

It's for my girlfriend who can be a bit clumsy (;)) so would rather get an in-car solution where she doesn't have to worry about removing the Bumper every time, as I know the one time she doesn't bother putting it back on will be the time she drops it.

I've looked on eBay (and bought one) but most don't seem to take the phone with the Bumper.

Thanks in advance,


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Jun 17, 2009
I use Pro Clips. You need to buy a vehicle specific mount and then a device specific holder. I use a regular case so they offer a "pass through connector" that allows the phone to charge while it's in the holder. For a bumper equipped iPhone, they only offer a holder, no pass through charger, but you can always just plug a charger in if you want to.

Here's the link to bumper specific holders

PS - Yea they are expensive, I've used them for every iPhone I've owned but it is expensive.
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