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    I have two WiFi routers in my home. One is a nice Airport Extreme 802.11 n, but the signal is very weak by the time it reaches the end of the house where I work. So I dug up an old Linksys 802.11 g to connect in this end of the house. Whenever I am in this room, I need my iPhone to connect to the Linksys router. But there is still about half a bar of signal from the Airport Extreme in the other room. The iPhone keeps trying to connect to that, I assume because it gives an 802.11 N signal higher priority over 802.11 G, even though the G is closer and has a much stronger signal.

    Is there any way I can fix this, or am I stuck having to manually switch connections every time I walk back into this room?
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    Feb 23, 2010
    more information

    Here is some extra information: The Linksys router is a WRT54G. The iPhone is an October 2011 iPhone 4s. WiFi operates at around 2.4 GHz. The sky is blue. Now is the winter of our discontent.
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    Is the Linksys broadcasting a completely separate second network or did you set it up to repeat the network of the Extreme? Unless you can set up the Linksys to repeat the network (which I'm not sure if it's even possible), you may want to consider purchasing an AirPort Express which can extend the Extreme's network signal.

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