iPhone 4S Coming to Indonesia, Costa Rica, and France's Free Mobile on January 27

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    Following a major expansion of iPhone 4S availability to China and 21 other countries two weeks ago, Apple appears to be preparing to make a few more additions to the device's market reach this Friday, January 27.

    Apple's current iPhone partners in Indonesia, Telkomsel and XL have both announced that they will begin carrying the iPhone 4S on Friday. Telkomsel is the country's number one carrier with over 100 million customers, while XL ranks number three with approximately 46 million customers. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S will be arriving in Costa Rica on the same day, with newcomers Claro and Movistar joining existing iPhone partner Kolbi in offering the device.


    iPhone 4S teaser notice from Telkomsel
    While France already has several carriers supporting the iPhone and the country is typically among the first to offer new iPhone models, the country's iPhone offerings may be ripe for a shakeup as new carrier Free Mobile will also begin offering the iPhone 4S on January 27.

    The carrier is currently offering unlimited talk/text/data packages without phones priced at EUR19.99 per month with no contract. Current customers of Free's home Internet service pay only EUR15.99. The carrier has yet to announce pricing for any iPhone plans that could come on contract with subsidized devices, but The Connexion reports that Free's iPhone plans would be "half the price" of competitors offerings.

    Article Link: iPhone 4S Coming to Indonesia, Costa Rica, and France's Free Mobile on January 27
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    Everyone wants the iPhone

    It seems like every carrier in the world will bow down to the great Apple when given the opportunity
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    Free lets you buy a phone with à credit. The credit for a 16gb 4S costs 90 eur over 24 months. They'll charge for the plan and the phone separately. And you can change carriers while reimbursing your iPhone to Free. Btw all their phones come unlocked! And their unlimited data actually comprise 3GB including tethering and p2p and voip...
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    In the core of a black hole.
    AFAIK it's not going to be cheap, something like 9 Million(900 U$) but I could be wrong, I am buying one in Malaysia a couple of weeks to go, lot cheaper and I for one always use prepaid in Indonesia, cheaper then a contract.
    Telkomsel and Xl might have about 145 Million customers but there is only a tiny minority which can actually afford an iPhone, probably only 1 percent or so.
    And, as in many other Asian countries Blackberry is still going strong here, they sell a lot more than iPhones.
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    In Costa Rica the 16 gb iPhone is free with a two year contract
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    My cousin is in Jakarta. So here goes the price for you who has been curious:

    iPhone package from Telkomsel

    16GB: IDR 7.700.000
    32GB: IDR 8.800.000
    64GB: IDR 9.900.000

    iPhone package from XL

    16GB: IDR 7.999.000
    32GB: IDR 9.199.000
    64GB: IDR 10.399.000

    Convert US$1 = IDR 9.000
    All package including tax and prepaid SIM with 12 months data plan and some texting/calling freebies.

    Crazy expensive if you ask me. All models sold as unlocked and actually both carriers offer 1 year contract alternative cheaper upfront money. But it's not common there. Most people use prepaid SIM anyway.

    And like many Asian country, Indonesian love Blackberries. 99% people there use it. LOL.

    I hope you guys in Indonesia can get a better contract system on your carriers and enjoy iPhone without having to pay huge chunk of money upfront. And so you can ditch your Blackberry soon! Damn Jakarta is a BB capital, seriously!!
  7. 217833 Guest

    Aug 19, 2008
    I'm using Free Network for over a week now with my trusty iPhone 4 and it's just great!

    19.90 Euros / month and you get unlimited call (landlines & mobiles) to France, as well to US and Canada; Also unlimited SMS/MMS or 3G Internet (with a bandwidth reduction over 3GB/month) and free Wifi.

    You can share your 3G network with your computer (Hotspot feature) with no additional cost...

    The most crazy point? There's no required contract at all and if coverage ain't good, you automatically get network from Orange coverage.

    Even if you have to buy the phone by yourself, it's really worth it for 20 Euros a month (26 bucks / 16 quids). It's the perfect iPhone plan today and I'm convinced all other phone companies will have to change their pricing...

  8. justperry macrumors 604


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    In the core of a black hole.
    Thanks for pointing these prices out.
    I just checked and it's exactly as you tell us, very expensive indeed.
    But, in two weeks I am in Malaysia and Singapore, I will buy there, wish I could bring a ton of them but it's not so easy as it was before(corruption).
    BTW, HK is the cheapest for buying Apple stuff but a bit far away.

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