iPhone iPhone 4S - Downgrade iOS 7.1.2 to 6.1.3


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May 26, 2010

I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1.2 installed. I've had it a few years now, and it was great until I installed iOS 7. With different incremental updates it gradually got better, but it's still nothing compared to how it used to perform on iOS 6.

After having it for a year on iOS 7 it's now at the point where I can't use it anymore. Even basic things such as emails and calls cause it to crash... Is there anything I can do to get iOS 6 back on the device? I'm guessing that there's no "legit" way to do this, hence why I've posted in the Jailbreak forums.

I hate that I've spent £500 on the handset which is now a glorified paperweight...



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Aug 31, 2011
ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
If there were an "un-legit" way to downgrade I and many others would be back on iOS 6 right now. I am not, nor are many others who want to be.

As stated. Not possible. Convince Apple to sign iOS 6 again and then it'll be different. But good luck with that.
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