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Jan 2, 2014
My iPhone 4s searches for service but never "finds" it and gets stuck in a rebooting power loop. It only powers on for this looping process if on a wall or car charger (but not on charging USB port on computer). It shows 100% charge, although it died on me at 16%.
The only thing I did was replace the front shattered glass earlier today but it worked fine before replacing and its a brand new phone so I doubt its the battery.
I fixed it while out of town so I'm hoping to self-fix the issue since returning to the service store is too far.

I've already reset the network settings and no luck. (general>settings>reset>reset network settings)
I'm unable to sync with iTunes because it doesn't hold a charge off the charger.
Each time I unplug it and interrupt the continuous looping, it resets the time to 7pm. If it remains plugged in for an hour doing these power loops, it will reach 8pm but resets the time once removed from charger.
I can access photos, messages and apps for about two minutes as it runs through the power loop.
I can access the wifi settings but am unable to switch the wifi on.
The calendar thinks we are in 1969!!

Any ideas?????????

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