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    Jul 9, 2011

    I wanted some advice from you folks as I am experiencing some problems with my iPhone 4S. First couple days I've used it, it was working perfectly. (Including the GPS.) But after a week or so, the GPS has issues. It doesn't track, at all. It always locates me in the same spot. (Guessing it is where my internet providor lives?) If I recalibrate the compass, it works again.

    I searched on the Apple fora a little bit, and found a similar thread. All of the people in that thread, (Except 1.) are from Belgium, as me, and experience similar issues. Ever since Belgium doesn't have Apple stores, and taking it to the shop were we bought it, we have to give it in and be phone-less for weeks, it isn't much of an option unless I'm sure it is a hardware problem.

    So my question, ever since the issue resolves itself with a compass recalibration, is this a software issue? And if so, should I still bring it in, or not? Thanks on beforehand.

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    Nov 4, 2011
    Same here (Switzerland)

    Hi there

    Yesterday i realized the same Problem, and thanks your post could "fix" it today.

    I'm living in Switzerland and my iphone 4S showed always the same location (Home) regardless of the application. Neither Network Setting reset nor hard reset nor switching location services off-on helped until i found your compass recalibration fix (thank you!)

    Either my 4GS 64Gb is a Belgium Model,
    either it is a defective Batch of first Production models (distributed worldwide) -but mostlikely it is another bug of ios 5.00....(because fixable by the right steps)

    Cheers - Frederic

    UPDATE: the "Compass Calibration" Fix worked only about 3 times...now no Fix possible anymore and my location is always (very fast) shown as my home adress... I meanwhile did a full recovery/reset/reload through iTunes but no GPS function anymore....I will return/exchange my device on Monday (lucky me we have an Apple Store in Zurich)....seems to be still a HW defect....

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