iPhone 4s HSPA+ not working, also ATT customer service nightmare (story inside) Help?

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  1. furam90, Jul 4, 2012
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    Wow is all I got to say about my experience with ATT customer service right now.
    I call them up because my 4G is not working and my phone is dropping in and out of edge and this is how the conversation goes:

    ATT: Hello, thank you for calling ATT, how can I assist you

    Me:Thanks I'm calling because my 4g is not working

    ATT: You mean 3g?

    Me: (thinking well he's technically right) Yeah, 3g I guess, even though its being marketed as 4g.

    ATT: Ok let's run some tests: first clear your cache etc, ok now reset your network settings.

    Me: (thinking this is going to disconnect me) ... Ok... I reset anyway [Boom Disconnected]

    ATT: *Calls back 5 min later* sorry about that, ok now put your phone in airplane mode

    Me: But won't that disconnect me?

    ATT: Oh yeah, uh, can we call you on your phone.

    Me: Ok

    ATT: You have Edge right?

    Me: Yes, Edge but that's not 3g.

    ATT: Well yeah since your connected to Edge you're connected to 3g everything fine. They're the same thing.

    Me: No, it's not I'm supposed to be on HSPA+ or "4g" as you call it, so I'm not getting what I'm paying for

    ATT: Please hold.... *5 minutes later* Technically you might not have "4g" coverage all the time, so when connected to Edge it just means the 4g is not covered in the area.

    Me: Ok, but the Edge isn't even working all the time

    ATT: You're going to need to factory restore.

    Me: ... Nevermind I'll call back later I need my phone for the 4th.

    Ok, so what the **** just happened to me. How can ATT be so stupid, also how do I fix this issue?
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    Apr 16, 2008
    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Its not the whole AT&T, you just happen to talk to a clueless rep that's all.
    Its a hit and miss, most times a miss for me too.
    Some know their job, most dont and make up things as they go.
    I'd try calling again and hope you get someone better.

    Did you try reset network settings?
    Is you 3G option enabled in settings/network?
  3. Diseal3 macrumors 65816

    Jun 29, 2008
    Best course of action. I would call back and aside from the typical diagnostic stuff ask if anyone else in your area is experiencing issues. You could also try to get a new SIM card, as weird as it sounds sometimes it does tend to fix the issue.

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