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    I am currently studying abroad in Japan. I was interested in getting a iPhone4S through AU. I live with a homestay and I can get a iPhone4S through them. My question is if I buy a iPhone4S in Japan can I use it in America and Europe? I plan to return to the US next year for about two or three months and then study abroad once more in Europe maybe France or Germany. I just want to make sure I can use the iPhone4S at those locations. This is the first time I have purchased a iPhone. I know there is not much information on the 4S at the moment in regards to this. I was wondering if people who have purchased an iphone 4 before in Japan were able to use in their respective country.
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    If the iPhone you buy is carrier-locked you will have to get it unlocked to use it with any other carrier in the world. After you get it unlocked you will be able to use it in the USA/Europe.
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