iPhone 4S Intermittent Wifi issues

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    Jul 1, 2007
    This past week, my iPhone 4S (on 5.0.1) has been having problems connecting to my home wifi. The phone would show 2-3 bars of wifi as normal, but all internet use would cease. At first I thought it was just my cable modem or router (D-Link DGL-4300) needing resetting, but my wife's iPhone 4 would still be working fine on the wifi, so my phone is the issue for sure. To fix the issue, I've tried turning the phone off and back on (works every time), resetting network settings (works every time), turning airplane mode on and off (works some of the time), and turning wifi off and on (works some of the time). With the two methods that only work some of the time, when it works, the wifi is restored instantly, and when it doesn't work, my phone will just sit there trying to connect back to my wifi, but just sits there with a spinning wheel next to my network name and I have to restart the phone to even get my phone to connect to my wifi network again. I've also tried upgrading my router firmware to no avail. My network has standard WPA security and a hidden SSID, if those make any difference. Has anyone seen this issue before?

    tl;dr Wifi stops working, but says it's still connected. Sometimes after trying to turn wifi off and back on again, it won't even connect to my wifi network.
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    Anyone? I did a full wipe of the phone and restore from iCloud backup last night. It worked for about 12 hours, then cut out again this morning. If it happens again, I'm guessing I'll need to take it to the apple store for an exchange.
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    My wife's 4s is having the same problem. We both have the 4s (since launch) and her phone just developed this problem last week. Nothing has been changed with the router (Time Capsule). My 4s and other computers in the house don't have any problems connecting.
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    I had a problem similar to this with my new 4S. Wi-Fi would just stop working, apps would spin their icon but nothing would happen. This would occur right in the middle of some network activity and not recover (until I toggled Airplane mode).

    I reset, restored, no joy. I turned off Bluetooth and the problem went away.

    I eventually wanted to use Bluetooth so I turned it back and the problem came back. I mentally made a note to visit the Apple store, but in the meantime I paired up my old Apple Bluetooth headset. Problem went away and has not come back (knock wood).

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    My iPhone 3g and 3gs would constantly lose wi-fi signal on my Netgear router while an iphone 4 on the same network would work with no problems. Router was upgraded to the latest firmware and all of the settings were optimal (wasted tons of hours trying different settings). Eventually I changed the router and now I'm stuck with an ISP giveaway one that is not very reliable but at least my 3Gs stays connected for good.

    The only advice I can give is
    A. don't use WEP, my cat can hack WEP (use WPA or WPA2 instead, they are more secure and supposedly more stable)

    B. Upgrade your router to the latest firmware

    C. Change wireless channels (try between 1, 6 and 11 to see if one of these solves the problem)

    D. use a static IP on your phone.

    Good luck

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