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    Dec 22, 2011
    Hi, I had never experienced this problem until recently because I have always been connected to wifi and never used 3g for long periods of time. However, I was out of town this weekend, and had to use 3g since there was no wifi. The problem is that, I would be using the 3g and checking emails, and surfing the internet, then the internet would just stop working even though it shows that I still have 3g connection. So i restarted my iphone, then the internet worked again for 5 minutes, then it went out again. I had asked my friend who also has an iphone whether they had access to the internet through 3g, and they did, but I still didn't. So the I left my phone alone for a couple minutes, then tried to use the internet, and it would just go in and out. Is this a problem? or is there an explanation for it?
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    Could be issues with your carrier. Have you talked to them to see if they have been having issues with 3G connectivity? As much of a hassle as it is, you also may want to reset the network on your phone. Power down. Remove SIM card and pop back in. Power up. These are basic troubleshooting for network connectivity. If these don't help, and your carrier is saying their are no issues on their end, you may want to contact Apple Care. Could be something wrong with your phone. Had the same issues with my old 3GS. A few times on my iP4, but that was to be expected considering the antennagate issue. Haven't had any 3G network issues with the 4S...so far. iMessage and SIRI is a different story. lol

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