iPhone 4S not retaining charge + no service


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Apr 21, 2009
Hi everyone,

My iPhone 4S dock connector died so I tried a DIY repair job to swap it - which worked but b0rked some other things in the process and i was hoping for some advice...

So i swapped in a new charging dock connector and now it starts up, but doesn't retain a charge (battery indicator says 100% full but dies as soon as i unplug) and the network says 'searching' with WiFi not working...

What's wrong with it?

I've bought a 5S anyway, but would love to get this one back up and running as a spare

Any tips appreciated, Thanks :)



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Mar 15, 2012
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Not a lot of information to go on but right off just because the indicator is showing charged doesn't make it so. Don't know how long you left it on the new charger but if you just got it to come back from a dead battery you will need to leave it on charge for a while. I would just put it on charger over night and leave it. If you are sure you have a good charger and after an all night charge it dies again immediately. It is time for a new battery.

You are in luck though as a 4s battery is a very simple DIY.

Look at ifixit.com
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