iPhone 4S odd password problem. Help wanted.

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by j.dstasio, May 10, 2012.

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    I have an odd problem with my iPhone. I'm asking in here since it's a 4S jail broken on 5.0.1 and restoring would be a last resort. I figured a lot of people in the regular forum would just say "DFU mode and restore" and I'd like to avoid that.

    So, about once or twice a day mu iPhone drops its connection from wifi (Time Capsule). If I toggle the wifi on/off using SbSettings it doesn't see either of my two routers. If I manually go into setting and toggle wifi on/off the connections show up and it makes me re-enter my router's password. Then it tells me it's not the correct password and I cannot connect.

    The odd part I'd that when this happens, the same exact problem happens with my gmail password set up in the stock mail app. I open mail and it says my password is incorrect. I know both passwords are not being entered wrong. My iPhone has no problem using other networks. I have no problems with my laptop, iPad or anything else connecting to the Time Capsule.

    Resting the network settings will fix the problem and it will then accept my passwords but that's a pain because I them have to set up all my other connections- work wifi networks etc.

    Any ideas?
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    Will rebooting the phone help?

    Maybe rebooting the router. Or moving the router to another channel. WiFi routers are cheap, often too cheap, and all have their quirks. Also make sure the router is on the latest firmware. Just perhaps your router is confusing your phone.


    Ah, I see that you have a Time Capsule. So I retract my comment about routers being cheap :)

    It still may have quirks, though...

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