iPhone 4S on T-Mobile 3G/4G..not the usual question.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Quad 2.5 G5 =), Jan 20, 2012.

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    So, I first want to say I know that any iPhone will not work on T-Mobile's 3G/4G network, but I do want to ask this question. I heard a rumor, or maybe it's actually factual, that AT&T and T-Mobile are going to eventually allow customers to roam on each other's networks.

    If AT&T was to somehow either get Apple to unlock the baseband and cellular antennas of iPhones to include T-Mobile's AWS band (1700 MHz) (Highly unlikely, and I'm not sure this would be doable on anything other than the iPhone 4S, because the modem in that theoretically supports the AWS band, but I'm not sure about the 4 or 3GS), or T-Mobile started reframing some of their network capacity to 1900 MHz in order to allow all AT&T phones to roam on their 3G network (more likely), could the iPhone 4S actually be called 4G, because it is on T-Mobile's 21 Mbps/42 Mbps "4G" network?

    Also, if an iPhone 4S is on T-Mobile's 3G/4G network, and in an area that is 42 Mbps capable, could we actually start seeing the limits of the modem (14.4 Mbps download, 5.76 Mbps upload), actually be the reason that you can't have faster network speeds?

    I was looking at the speedtest results for phones equipped for, and in areas with the 42 Mbps speed, and they seem to be anywhere from 11, all the way up to 19. If an iPhone 4S was on this network, would we actually see speeds this high, or would we actually see caps on internet speed, or simply not as high as the phones that T-Mobile sells?
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    Right now, unfortunately, nobody knows what is going to happen but T-Mobile. We will just have to see down the road.

    For those looking for a prepaid solution, I recommend Red Pocket Mobile or H20 Wireless as it gives customers 3G. For those who already have T-Mobile, we are just playing the waiting game like everyone else.

    By the time T-Mobile has access to AT&T's 3G, I have a feeling we would have already had our own iPhone by then officially sold through T-Mobile
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    iPhone 4S does not support the combination of transceivers that T-mo uses.
    And 4S does not support the combination of transceivers needed for 4G

    As it is, from all I heard 4G is limited to only few area, usually biggest cities, and downtown areas. Do you see advertising for 4G zones?

    As it is, 4S supports what is called 3.75G. Straight 3G is actually very slow speed, but 3.75 is a bit cumbersome to say.

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