iPhone 4S overnight battery drain

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    Got iPhone 4S on oct 14 and it's been great. Went to bed last night with no apps running and battery at 80%. When I woke up this morning the battery was at 1%. I used gps briefly last night but closed out. I reset the phone, the battery appears fine, but I'm concerned this could happen again and would like to know if this is part of a larger defect before my 14 day return policy runs out with Sprint. Tried calling tech support and they said there was no battery troubleshooting that they could do, and that I would have to return the phone and use anther device until their inventory was replenished, which could take up to a month.

    Has anything similar happened to anyone else? Even if I have no apps running, could something be running in the background to drain the battery? Should I restore device? Would like to avoid sending back at all costs...
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    As a newbie, I will leave this thread open for you
    But if you will use the search function, you will find numerous battery threads

    First steps, close out all location services you don't use, including the system services at the bottom

    Disable Ping

    Use Fetch instead of Push on email

    That should get you started, and others will chime in

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