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    Got my iPhone 4s yesterday. I shut all my apps off yesterday before bed. And it was at 75 battery and when I awoke it was out of juice . This never happened on my 3GS also when I'm driving and searching the Internet on my phone a error message comes up saying safari cant connect to the Internet this never ever happened on my 3GS and finally while typing this my iPhone seemes to freeze in mid sentence and load or pause . Its really weird anyone else having these problems
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    There are numerous battery threads for the iPhone 4S
    Please use the search function and join any one of the active threads for advice

    To get you started...
    Turn off all locations services you do not use, including the system services at the bottom of the page
    Disable Ping
    Use Fetch instead of Push for email

    You will find loads of advice in the plethora of battery threads
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