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  1. Abanziger macrumors newbie

    Oct 6, 2011
    Hi I have a few questions regarding the new Iphone.


    I have 2 sim cards, one is from a swiss phone (where I currently live) and supported by my iphone, since its the one I am using now. I also have a second sim card I use when I travel to spain, from vodafone. Before, when I wanted to travel to spain I couldnt just shove the spanish sim card in my phone because it would be locked exclusively to the swiss carrier ( so i would have to use another phone). What I would like to know is if with this new "world phone" feature I can put my spanish or my swiss sim card in there and will they both work?, without having to unlock my phone or doing anything else than changing the sim card ?


    Is the Siri feature Iphone 4s exclusive ? I've been hearing this in many reviews and I must say I am confused. I thought this was a type of voice recognition software, and that therefore wouldnt need specific hardware that the 4s has but the iphone 4 doesnt. Can I still use siri with the Iphone 4, ? If not why ?
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    1) Unless you buy an unlocked model (when it's even available), you will not be able to swap SIM cards.

    2) Yes.

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