iPhone 4s randomly turns off and restarts- Advice


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Jan 17, 2012
So... I've had my iPhone 4s for 5 days now. It has randomly restarted/rebooted 4 times now. About an hour ago, I check my phone and it was completely off. I pressed the home screen button, the power button... nothing. I plugged it in the charger (even though the battery was 70% charged)... nothing showed up. I pressed the home screen and power button and held it together.... nothing. I tried for like 10 minutes before I started freaking out because it's a brand new phone with a screen protector, otterbox case, and has never been dropped.

Finally I was on the phone with Verizon and they were about to send me a new phone. I held the power button for about 2 minutes and it finally turned on. Verizon decided they weren't going to ship me a new phone since mine is now turned on and said to just reset the phone.

Anyways... is anyone else having this problem. Maybe the reset will fix it, but I'm worried that there is something defective in this phone because it shouldn't randomly restart and turn off. And when it turned off, nothing I tried would turn it back on. Even when it was plugged into the wall, there was no apple symbol... nothing.


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Oct 18, 2011
I would never deal with the carrier on a warranty issue. What do they know? Apple is who you need to contact with Apple product issues.

Kernel Panic in the iPhone Diagnostics and Usage data logs? If yes, others here have had the same issue and the resolution is almost always a new/replacement iPhone.

C J Hansen

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Jul 3, 2004
iPhone 4S randomly shuts off, always comes back

I confirm what you are saying. Since I have owned this phone (less than 2 mos), I would say it has shut-down by itself probably a dozen times. It has nothing to do with battery condition - most of the time when it has happened, the battery was at least at 75% charge. Last night, I applied the new software update, 5.1.1, thinking they finally (quietly) addressed the problem, but it has since happenned twice in less than 24 hours. Battery is at full charge.
The 1st time I experienced this, I was at a loss. Googling, I found a lot of other people also experienced this, and used the "2 button" restart procedure, which by the way, always gets mine back to life (it's the only procedure that gets mine back to life).

I have owned the 3G and 3GS and never had this particular problem.
This present 4S is through At&T, as all my iPhones have been.

The only other comment I have, is that sometimes Siri is unresponsive for chunks of time occasionally, and sometimes iMessage isn't available; only
"green" text messages go through. Then, iMessage just starts working again.
I suspect Apple is readying iCloud servers enmasse, in preparation for pulling
the plug on Mobile Me in June...I just wish they would inform people.


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Apr 12, 2012
My aunt had this problem with her 4S. I did some research and some people say it's software, some people say it's hardware. I actually think it is software, because I fixed it without changing anything on her phone physically.

What I did was, I didn't back up her phone. I just deleted everything and restored the phone to factory settings. I didn't back it up because I didn't want anything from her old phone getting to the new one. Then I just got her to download her apps and reenter her contacts. I used the phone for 3 days to make sure before returning it to her and it didn't turn off on me once.

TL;DR: Factory restore without backing up. Also, this was on a non-jail broken phone. I can't say anything about jail broken phones. I hope this helps.
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