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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nanogirl21, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I have had my iPhone 4s since October 2011. Within the last week the phone has been getting hot to the point where I cannot hold it/use it. My black light is dimed all the way down, and the screen is set to go off after 1 minute. I am using the official apple wall charger and cable that came with the phone. I have also checked to make sure that there aren’t any apps running in the background and the phone is not jailbroken.

    I would like to have my phone replaced. Will I be able to do this? I do have apple care, but I don’t think i should have to play the fee. It seems like a hardware/battery issue. Also, what is the replacement process? I am about 2 hours away from an Apple store.
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    Aug 27, 2012
    From the symptom, a failing battery, well within Applecare purview. Give them a call, they will tell you how to ship it. U will be wo phone for a few weeks.
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    Step 1 - eliminate software causes. Shut off ALL email/calendar/icloud accounts, shut down/restart phone and don't open any apps. Let it sit for 30 mins, see if it's getting hot again. If no, your problem is software. There are plenty of threads about fixing that.

    Step 2 - replace phone. If you don't want the 2 hour drive, Apple can overnight you a replacement, but you'll have to give them a credit/debit card and they'll put a ~$600 hold on the card (To make sure you send back your old phone). I think they charge $25 or so for rush replacement, but it's nice because if you call today, you'll have your replacement tomorrow.
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    I've noticed my phone gets really got with just charging it should I be worried?
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    previously i used Otterbox case, and found my iphone very hot sometime, so i don't use it anymore.
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