iPhone 4S Repeatedly Dying Around 50% Battery?

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    So I've had my iPhone 4S since launch day just over two years ago and until a month or two ago I haven't had any significant trouble with it.

    I'm finding that every day once there's around 50% battery life left on my phone, the device will abruptly die and shut off despite indicating that there's still plenty of battery life remaining. The phone will continue to show that there is no battery remaining for the next half hour or so, until I can finally turn it back on.

    Once I can finally turn my phone on again, it will go back to saying there is about 50% battery remaining as before and then, after functioning normally for a few minutes, will suddenly die again. This cycle continues for the rest of the night until the battery is actually completely used and the phone dies completely.

    As I mentioned above, this has been happening every day for the past month or so and it's beginning to be a huge hassle when I'm out late and I can't rely on my phone at all knowing it could die any minute and then remain unusable for the next half hour, if at all.

    So I ask you, are there any troubleshooting tips I should try or will this warrant a trip to the Genius Bar?
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    iPhone 4S Repeatedly Dying Around 50% Battery?

    You could download a couple of apps to check for the status if the battery or u could replace the battery if it is constantly stuck at 50 % I venture to say the battery Has developed a memory Which replacing the battery is your best option. Try the battery App's first like Battery- Doctor... and see if you can try to run it at a trickle option it never Hurts ti try software before u buy replacement hardware (try before you buy). and good luck.
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    Batteries at their end-of-life tend to give inaccurate readings. There is a free App u can download to find out how many charge cycles. When u hit 800-1000 the battery have had it.
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    Your battery is completely shot. The best way to confirm this is to download a free trial of iBackupbot, then plug in your iPhone and click "more information", it should tell you the designed battery capacity and the current battery capacity, it will also tell you how many cycles the battery has been through. I just went through the same thing with my iPhone 5 (over a year old) battery and replaced it myself yesterday. Bought the battery for $8 and saved myself the $79 that Apple would charge.

    Tip: Divide the current capacity by the designed capacity and times that number by 100. This will give you the percentage of the original capacity you have left. I had 74% left, I'm sure you have even less since your phone is 2 years old.

    When the battery capacity gets low, they start to malfunction. My iPhone would die with no warning at 37%.

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