iPhone 4S screen issue (heat/battery?)

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    I have an iPhone 4S that I got just after they launched. It's been fine, and in great condition, never been dropped or down the toilet, but a few months back I noticed an odd spot on the screen. On the left hand side about halfway down there was a yellow semicircle patch. At first it was barely noticeable, and I assume it was the common "yellow spot" issue many reported. However it hasn't gone away and now I've noticed it changes as I use the phone.

    If the phone is cold (left off overnight, charged, cool room) then it's barely noticeable when I turn the phone on. After about 30 min of light use or even standby it's clearly visible. If the phone heats up, even just in a trouser pocket (so anything 'intensive' does it like 3D games etc) then I've noticed it's turning red in the middle!

    Took it into Regents Street Apple store earlier they want £139 for replacement as it's out of warranty, but I have 9 months left on contract so need a working phone.
    The phone works, but the spot is VERY distracting (probably worse on the all white iOS7!) and I'm a bit concerned that it's right in front of the battery.... I had a MacBook battery swell that was in storage so can the phone do the same?

    Not sure whether to get the battery replaced anyway, just in case, or to go to a different Apple store and ask again? I have searched and not found anything similar.

    30min after cold boot

    After playing a game/surfing web

    Might be hard to see but the central red portion has increased in size. The genius said they took the back off and checked, but IDK doesn't seem right and never had anything similar on previous iPhones/iPads
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    Have taken a punt on a new battery, should arrive tomorrow... Nothing else wrong with it so quite annoying! Can't justify buying an iPhone 5 at present with the 5S/6/Cheaper phone right around the corner
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    I have never seen that before.. But definitely start out with replacing the battery. If the yellow spot is still there after you put the new battery on, you could try replacing the LCD Digitizer assembly. There may be an issue with the LCD that is causing the "warm" spot.
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    Thanks - New battery arrived this morning, and the spot is still there. Dammit. It's so annoying, so just need to decide if it's worth the new screen or not. No way am I doing that one myself having looked at the iFixit guide!

    Might take the opportunity to convert it to a white model :) have found a local place doing it for £50 - new back, front and home button; and that'll sort the few minor scratches out too.

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