iPhone 4S to 6 Migration Tips

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    Hi...I'm sure this has been covered here but I don't see it (would be nice if MR had a tab on their website about common upgrade practices).

    I'm on Windows XP with iTunes 11.x and am upgrading from an iPhone 4S to 6 this weekend. I was looking for some steps on how to migrate my Contacts, Email settings, pictures, apple id, and hopefully my homescreen lock photo. I'm sure I can download my apps again. I will remove all my music so I don't have to worry about that size (50GB) or the time it would take to back it up/restore it/migrate it. I also do not ever want to use the fingerprint reader or passcode features.

    I don't currently use iCloud...but I have used the backup feature on iTunes a few times recently.

    The iPhone 4S is on iOS 6.x.

    Can anyone either detail the steps or point me to a thread/website that shows how to transfer over these few items (and anything else I am forgetting)? The Apple Store said I am welcome to bring the phones in and they would do it...but I fear after driving 40 minutes to Apple a)they would tell me I forgot/need to do something at home first like an iTunes sync or enabling some feature only iTunes can do or b)they will do a terrible job or take 3 hours (as they did years ago when I replaced my iPhone 4S with a new iPhone 4s). If my Apple Store fears are unfounded, I could go there.

    Thanks so much in advance!
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    Personally I would sync everything to iCloud and then set up your 6 as a new phone. Carrying a backup over can carry over a whole world of bugs

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