iPhone 4S unresponsive, shows wrong date/time

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    I have an iphone 4s 64GB running on the Cricket Wireless network. It was working fine early this AM. I got to work and went to use it, and it wouldn't wake up from standby / sleep mode. I plugged it into a charging cable, the apple symbol showed up and the phone went back into the home screen, but was searching for a cell signal and the date was set to December 31st, and time was reading 4:11 pm, though it was only ~9:30am. Battery hows a 100% charge and charging ( it was fully chaged before leaving for work this AM).

    I've tried the soft reset several times and it displays the same behavior after each one. The phone deosn't seem to power up unless it's conected to the charging cable. Some times it freezes up other times I'm able to navigate through Apps and messages. Wifi is turned off, and I can't seem to turn it on.

    Any ideas? I've done some Googling and can't seem to find something entirely similar to these issues.

    - Bad Battery ?

    - Issue w/ software (on IOS 7.???)
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    i talked to the applecare lady she said they once had an iPhone thats clock ran backwards!!!

    try the standard stuff

    one thing you can try is reseeding the sim card.
    turn off iPhone
    remove sim card
    wait a few minutes
    turn on iPhone
    wait for the iPhone to power up and to be at the home screen after you unlock it
    wait for the iPhone to say no sim
    insert sim card

    if that fails

    try restore iPhone from backup
    try set up as new
    try restore iphone firmware ( DFU ) reset

    when all else fails you can call apple care. give them your serial #. they will tell you that phone support will cost $35 because you do not have applecare.

    tell them " i am requesting an exemption because i recently installed iOS 8 "

    that will make them drop the $$$ they want

    before you call applecare. it might be worth while to send them logs
    you go to support.apple.com in safari on the iPhone
    click on iPhone
    click on contact support
    click on something like service requests
    tell them an iOS restore doesn't solve the issue
    you look around there. somewhere there should come up with a link to send basic system info
    you type your phone # in and it will send you a link to apple diagnostics
    go to messages and click the link
    clik on extended test or quick test

    wait for it to send.
    write down the ticket #

    when you call apple you can give them this ticket # and they might find something in your logs

    no matter if your test passes or fails, the results will not show up on the web page. you must call apple for the results. all you will see in safari is a check box saying they received it

    if you want to send apple logs, or go to the genius bar to request they run iOS diagnostics, don't erase or wipe your phone or set it up as new. because you will be erasing your logs.

    i believe the logs you send back to apple will have battery related info
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I replaced the battery after I got home from work (had a replacement intended for my wife's phone, but hadn't used it yet). It seems to be coming back to normal. The new battery is still charging, but the phone connected to 4G, received emails / texts, and was able to receive a call the status bar shows 4G, but also displays "searching" instead of Cricket, which is my phone provider. I may still have to jump through some hoops w/ a restore, but at this point it seems like the battery just crapped out.
    The battery that was in there was a replacement battery w/ about 18 months of use.
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    Sep 20, 2014
    Get a replacement, upgrade to a 6, throw it out and switch to android, do anything but keep it.

    I had that exact thing happen to my past 2 iPhone 5C's. First it couldn't tell time, then iMessages stopped working so ib basically couldn't text to 80% of my contacts, and it started freezing up and becoming super laggy. I eventually threw it out and was without a phone for a week until I got the 6.

    I'm sorry, but if a cell phone isn't capable of telling time, then its seriously a piece of ****.

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