iPhone 4S Warehouse Club Price/Availability/Price?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bigmac58, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. bigmac58 macrumors member

    Sep 4, 2011
    Does anyone have any information if new iPhone models have been historically available on launch day at places like Costco or Sam's Club? Also, if they are, is there a price variance compared to AT&T and Verizon. My Sam's Club is selling the current iPhone 4 for $147 compared to $199 at Verizon. I'm looking at purchasing this phone and am comparing all the options available.

  2. ZipZap macrumors 603

    Dec 14, 2007
    Never that I've ever seen.

    Costco did get apple products but I believe they had a falling out.

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