Iphone 4S with Cracked Digitizer and screen

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  1. cap2587 macrumors regular

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    My Iphone 4S on AT&T has a cracked front screen. The digitizer and front glass is cracked. I guess there is no way to figure out if the Iphone would still work if I replaced these two items. If I do decide to try the repair. How do I pry away the broken glass. Do i start from the back with disassembling it or just pry glass away from the front. Thanks for any suggestions.

    I was thinking about buying this on ebay (below)
    and giving the repair a shot.
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    The backplate is removed first by taking out the two bottom screws and pushing up. then comes out the battery and mainboard. The LCD/digitizer combo is the last thing to come out and all the broken glass will fall out when you remove it. Just clean out the inside of the iPhone from any dust that may remain and you're good. Done it a hundred times.
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    Oct 12, 2010
    Thanks for the good suggestions: is there anyway to tell if this Iphone is going to work with a new digitizer and LCD Screen? I think not as it won't turn on, but the screen is really cracked. I will let you know how this repair works. Is there a particular You tube Video that you would recommend for me to follow when trying this screen repair. Thanks
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    Plug the phone in to an outlet and see if the phone vibrates. If it does it still works.

    Tbh tho you would be better off paying for an out of warrenty replacement. The 4s screen is an arse to replace.
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    Oct 12, 2010
    Thanks for the information! Are you sure about the vibration tip to see if it still works, and is the vibration noticeable. I do not think it does vibrate, but I will have to double check it. Is there any other way To check if the Iphone will work without replacing the screen.
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    Sounds like its pretty messed up.
    I wouldnt dump any money in it hoping it will work. You're better off bringing it to Apple and have it replaced for $199
    It might cost you more, you'd be frustrated and still be stuck with a faulty phone after trying to replace everything that's broken on it yourself.
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    Directfix.com offer decent repair guides, here's the link:-

    Also if you plug the iPhone into your computer does the computer recognise it? If so you know it's working ok.

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