iPhone 5 2200mah rechargeable case $24.99, any good?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by theanimala, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Saw this is the deal of the day at http://1saleaday.com/main/ Not sure if it is any good as I can't find any reviews anywhere. Any thoughts?

    Product Info

    You can never have enough power, keep your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy III protected and charged by selecting a Back-Up Battery Pack. Housed in this handy case is a powerful 2200 mAh battery which almost doubles the battery life of your phone. This case effectively guards your phone from scratches and dents without adding bulk thanks to the slim profile.

    Boasting an open face design you have full access to the touchscreen of your phone so that navigating for calls, text messages or just playing a game or two is easy. LED light indicator at the base makes it easy to monitor the capacity levels while a cutout in the back ensures you can still take photos using the rear camera.

    Simply connect this case to the included micro USB connector when it’s time to charge. Also features an easy to deploy kickstand for easy video viewing.


    Condition: New
    Packaging: Retail Box
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Model: i5c2200bk, 5c2200wh, UG-S3BATBK, UG-S3BATWH

    iPhone 5 Rechargeable Battery Case Features Include:

    iPhone case with a built-in battery
    Doubles your battery life
    Protects your phone from dents and scratches
    Gives you six additional hours of talk-time, 40 hours of music time, and 10 hours of video playback
    Features a concealable kick-out stand that allows you to watch movies with ease and convenience
    Rechargeable with any micro-USB cable or adapter
    Lightweight, easy to use
    2200 mAH battery capacity
    LED Indicators
    Choice of black or white
    Samsung Galaxy S III Power Bank Case Features Include:

    Samsung Galaxy S III case with a built-in battery
    Doubles your battery life
    Protects your phone from dents and scratches
    Kick stand perfect for watching movies with ease and convenience
    Micro USB Charging Cable
    Charge/Sync During Battery Charge
    Lightweight, easy to use
    2200 mAH battery capacity
    LED Indicators
    Charging time: About 5 Hours
    Choice of black or white
    Package Includes: iPhone5 2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery Case Power Bank or Samsung Galaxy Power Bank Case

    *Please allow up to 7 days for your order to ship.
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    Jan 14, 2013
    well, the battery case looks good, maybe you can have a try,:D
  5. darky90 macrumors member

    Oct 30, 2012
    I personally prefer a power bank vs. a battery case. I have the xRobot from Ravpower and not only does it give 3 times more charging capabilities than the one you're looking at but it keeps my phone from being bulky. Well, that's just what I prefer though. Check it out if you want. This would work with your iphone 5 with the cable you already own and it has a 30 pin apple certified connector for any other "i" products you may have.
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    Feb 19, 2013
    I also have a power bank if that's what you wanna call it. I also have the Mophie for when I'm on the go. The Powerbank I have is the iSound Power Bank. It has 16,000mAh, 5 USB slots and a built in flash light. It was very great when Hurricane Sandy hit and we were out of power for a week. Where I work there was power so id just charge it up while I was at work. It's costly at $70. But I got mine around a year and a half ago. Recent Amazon reviews, people are calling it a fire hazard although I never once experienced anything with it smoking up or burning or heating up.
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    It LOOKS like a quality case. How about more details, such as what percentage recharge you get with this external battery, and build quality (esp. if your phone is safe from scratches within this battery case.


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