Iphone 5/5s element rogue case review

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by kninja, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Mar 4, 2014
    whats up everyone. name is sarah and I recently joined this forum after browsing around here for awhile. I know we are all looking for that perfect case for our iphone and after trying TONS of cases I have found one that I really like and just wanted to share my opinion with you guys. Just to give you a little bit of background of the cases I have previously used or bought for my iphone are spigens tough armor, slim armor s, neo hybrid, otterbox defender, commuter, lifeproof fre, otterbox armor, incipio atlas, apple leather cases, clear cases, element ronin g10 case and a lot more that im leaving out. if you guys have any questions about any of the above cases feel free to ask any questions. The case that ill be reviewing today is the element case rogue. I tried their ronin g10 case (retails for 180$) and I wasn't very happy with the fitment of the case and a few other things that didn't quite fit my needs. I decided to give the rogue a try. They have the option on their website to custom design either a sector 5 or a rogue case. so that's the route I went. this is the custom case I made
    I ordered the case on a Friday and received on the next Tuesday. the packaging was top notch. the box says customized by you and felt like there was something important inside. my initial impression of the case was very positive. inside the box includes the case, a screen protector, some papers giving info about the case and a belt clip/kickstand. The case is not your normal installation, it comes with 4 corner pieces, the piece for the vibrate switch, the back plate, 2 side rails, and the front. putting it all together really doesn't take to long and after the case is fully installed on the phone it feels VERY sturdy. it makes your iphone feel even more important. ive been using this case for a week now and I absolutely love it. it offers a ton of protection, covers parts of the front of the phone that provides drop protection to the front. I feel like my phone could take a serious drop and be ok even though I don't wanna test it. This case isn't bulky at all. I am a smaller female and feel like with this case on its much easier to hold the phone. putting the phone in an out of pockets is no problem because the front of the case is a very sturdy tpu that doesn't attract lint at all. no problems with the camera cutout either. I plan to continue to use this case til it either breaks or so really banged up and then order another. im sure I left a lot of details out so feel free to ask any questions. thanks for reading.
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    Jul 7, 2014
    Bad experience

    I customized a Rogue yesterday and asked to have the tactical carry pouch that is included with the Rogue Black Ops case instead of the hard plastic belt clip that is included with the customized one. Now it's my opinion that if you get to customize the entire case, you should get to choose the holster type as well since the price is the same for both. Nope! I was told I could add it to my order for an extra $20. Why would I pay an extra $20 (on top of the $100) for a second holster? I cancelled my order and am looking at a Lunatik Taktik Strike case. It appears to be just as well built and is a little more element proof.

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