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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macJC50640, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Hello, I have a quick question about the iPhone 5, and activation.

    My friend says he qualifies for the Sprint upgrade to an iPhone 5. He says he doesn't want it, and wants to sell it to me instead.

    If I were to buy this phone, I would just use it with wifi and not activate it with a cellular plan. (I have my reasons for not buying an ipod touch instead, one of which is that the iphone has more features)

    I was wondering if it is possible for him to activate the phone when he picks it up, then deactivates it the next day to give it to me? I know it is necessary to have the phone activated in order to use it at all for anything, because the iPhone setup screen requires activation before letting you into the interface.

    I am confused if there will be any problems with that, such as Sprint not deactivating it due to they want the monthly payments. Or perhaps you can only deactivate it for a certain amount of time?

    Just to reiterate I do not want to activate it at all with sprint.

    Hopefully somebody can clarify this for me....

    Thanks for reading through this long post haha

    EDIT: btw I heard from somebody on another forum that sprint will declare it a bad ESD phone if not activated.. Is that true? And if it is that wouldn't really effect usability would it?
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    Why don't you ask sprint to make 100% sure? They couldn't give less of a damn where the phone is going and who it's going to be used by, as long as they've locked your friend down for 2 more years.
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