iPhone 5 and the Elevation Dock

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    I have the Elevation Dock... as many of you know, it has the old dock connecter in it. I received an email update from the company today - it states they'll be an upgrade for it so it can be used with the new connector on the iPhone 5.

    It's ambiguous though.. (forget about emailing them). Can anyone make sense of the email? I included a screen capture of the docks and text. Are they assuming they'll get licensing to make the connector? Are they going to simply buy cords from Apple?

    I took the dock apart - the USB cord that enters from the back is actually just a MicroUSB that plugs into the circuit board, so it's not as easy as swapping out the cords. Anyone? Bueller? :p

    I think it'll be necessary to buy from them all new guts for the dock.

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    clearly it states its a bolt in component to swap from 30pin to lightning connector, what is so hard about comprehending that?

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