iPhone 5 Charging Port Issue

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ChrisB2194, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Apr 6, 2017
    My iPhone 5 battery got really hot, the phone stopped charging, and drained ridiculously fast and now will not charge or even tell me the battery is low. I got a new battery thinking that was the problem but it wasn't so this made me think it has something to do with the charging port. Next I bought and replaced the charging port and today the phone still doesn't charge at all. One thing that stood out to me was that the headphone jack and charging port are connected on the same strip. I put in a good battery to power and the phone and the new headphone jack works so I know the replacement part functions. The thing is the phone still does not charge even with a new charging port. My question is, is the issue with the board or something else in the phone and has anyone experienced something like this with their iPhone? Thanks for any replies.
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    Feb 26, 2013
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    There was a battery replacement program for the iPhone 5 battery a few years back. You should've opted for that, Apple replaced the battery for free. I think the program has expired now. I guess time to save up for a newphone.
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    Yeah the program expired December 31st, 2016.
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