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Oct 3, 2014

I am new here after i exhausted all other options so far.
I guess you are the ones that could help me out.

So my iphone 5 turned off couse it was dead battery.

On startup there is a passcode screen, when i enter my passcode and click DONE
Phone blinks the desktop and than crashes with some horizontal stripes of pixelated colors from desktop.

It turns off and turns back on by itself..

Any ideas what could have caused it?
No new apps were installed and nothing was changed from the last time it was turned off..

Please advise..

Thank you in advance


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Oct 3, 2014
Ah damn srry i forgot...

Ios version is 7.0.4.

The device HAS been jailbroken.

I tried doing the itunes shift+restore method but im getting 9134 error, about to try different pc.

Also about to try DFU aswell.


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Apr 16, 2008
At the iPhone hacks section.
Most likely a hack conflicting and causing issues.
Start removing your cydia packages one by one to try to isolate the defective package.
Start with the latest one installed or updated around the time this started to happen.
If you remove everything and it still happens then only option is to restore to the latest ios 8 and lose your JB.
You cannot do shift restore and select an old .ipsw, that trick hasn't worked for over 5 years now.
But again if you see horizontal lines, stripes and pixelated items on the screen it might be a hardware issue also.
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