iPhone 5 DEAD Apple refuses to replace it, still under warranty

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    I bought the iPhone 5 16Gb in July 2013, i think i might have dropped it and as a result i got a little ding (honestly, really little, photo attached) but the phone was working Ok. Then i updated it to the IOS7 and the phone started to have problems with the reception of calls, they appeared on screen as missed calls but the phone wont ring nor vibrate. I took the phone to my local service provider, they took a look a it to see if it had water damage and it didnt so they sent me troubleshooting steps, i tried everything they told me, i took the phone back again and they told me they were going to replace it. A couple of days later the phone just went black, no reboot, restore, no charge, no nothing. I made my research about the issue and it happens sometimes with some iPhone devices, not sure why. The ¨happy¨ thing was that in every case Apple would replace the phone, no questions ask, Apple replaced even mistreated phones (i take good care of mine, i just happen to carry it with keys and coins in my pockets). I went a couple of days ago to pick up my new phone and they told me that Apple would refuse to change my phone because of the ding it had on the top corner. How can this be? If i got a device with a hardware malfunction that comes from the factory, or some software issue, same thing for me, how can Apple refuse to change my phone based in an argument like that? My phone was working perfectly after i dropped it and while operating IOS6. What can I do? They even refuse to repair it. I feel very frustrated about this and i don´t know where to go, I live in Colombia and there´s no Apple Store down her. PLEASE ADVICE!!!:mad:

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    See if Apple will honour an out of warranty replacement. Also check with your credit card to see if they have accidental coverage.

    Worth doing a DFU restore to see if the problem goes away. Lastly get a case for it.
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    Try plugging it in and doing a hard reset. Hold the top button and the home button for 9 seconds. If that doesn't work. Try holding both buttons in for 30 seconds to a minute while still plugged into the wall or computer. That has honestly worked for me on a few occasions with a few iPhone 4's.
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    Call Applecare and explain the situation to them. I have had issues with one of the local stores where a manager refused to honor the issue addressed in a warranty extension. I called Applecare, explained my problem, and they sent me a replacement along with a return shipping label for the defective product.

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