iPhone Iphone 5 Evasi0n 7.0.4 Cydia Tweak issues/bugs

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    Jan 5, 2014
    Starting this new thread in hopes of troubleshooting issues with regards to
    Cydia tweaks/apps and the current ios 7.0.4 Evasi0n Jailbreak.

    So far I've come across 2 known issues: "Winterboard" and "Tinybar". I use Winterboard for the "ios 6 icons" theme and "blackberry 'lightspeed' sms", these do work on 7.0.4 but most themes in WB aren't working along with a known side effect. The device resprings once you try to search in spotlight search. This issue is currently being worked on, so keep an eye out for the download update.

    As for "Tinybar", the tweak itself works great, as it shrinks the notification bar you get at the top of your screen when you receive a text, or notification, etc. Works great for the Maps app, as it normally would get in the way most of the time. Only problem is, while making a phone call, putting on speaker, and then hitting the home button to surf the web while I'm on the call, I noticed I can't return to the call. Your supposed to be able to "touch to return to call" but because of the tweak your not able to. I uninstalled "Tinybar" and voila! Am now able to "Touch to return to call". Its bittersweet though, because I like the tweak. It's not much but makes a small difference.

    After playing around with different cydia tweaks, I've noticed that some tweaks do work on 7.0.4 even if it does not specify in the description. One example of this is "Respring App for IOS"... Its a quick respring tweak icon on your springboard that comes in handy when your in Safe Mode and "SwitchSpring's" respring is inaccessible, as "Respring App for IOS" is accessible even in safe mode.

    Any other known issues? Any cool tweaks/apps you know about?

    Please Share! :apple::):cool:
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    I guess the status bar shows up when it shouldn't after jailbreaking. (For example: in the photos app)

    Winterboard has not been officially updated I believe, so bugs are expected.

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