iPhone 5 external speaker dead

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    Hey guys so I was talking to someone last night and in mid conversation, the speaker just quit working. The phone no longer rings, clicks when I open or lock it. It worked for a brief period this morning but it sounded very distorted, similar to the sound of hooking two speaker wires together. It is definitely a hardware problem.

    Anyway, phone is still under warranty, but I read online that apple will just replace the speaker and not replace the phone. I have this phone exactly how I want it with all my JB apps and everything. If i got a new phone that I couldn't jailbreak, I would probably just sell it because as we all know, its useless. I have some of my SHSH saved on cydia, so I was wondering if there was a way to restore the phone using ios 6.1.2 (my current ios which I have SHSH saved), so in the off chance that they just replace the speaker, I could rejailbreak it when I get home?

    Any help is appreciated because I have an appointment at the genius bar on friday morning. Thanks
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