iPhone 5 free ZooGue case


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Aug 23, 2009
I really wish they would stop advertising their cases as free. They are $4.99. They can word it anyway they want but that is the price you are paying. Just did a quick search on ebay, there are over 140,000 cases under $4.99 shipped. It's all slick marketing.


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Jun 29, 2010
The 4/4S social case pro is probably one of the best cases I've used.
I've been a case hater. But this is the case I go to when I put a case on my 4S.
Free or not it's a fantastic case.
It is thin does not add hardly any bulk. Fit is spot on this time.
The side grip is fantastic. Comes in some great colors. I've gotten several of them and absolutely love them. I am in no way affiliated with them either.
For what some of the people on here and elsewhere spend on cases, well its absurd. These big companies use the same Chinese factories and make the products for pennies and charge $30 to $40 bucks, it's insane.
Think InCase snap case $35 dollars for that get real.
Anyone who doesn't at least give this new version of the Social Case Pro from ZooGue a chance, at the current charge, is well also insane.


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Feb 4, 2008
I picked one up because it was cheep... not sure I like it though. Its a soft rubbery case and its pretty thin. I recently picked up the Otterbox Communter to give it a try and like it so this ZooGu will probably be collecting dust for a while. Consider this my small contribution in kickstarting the economy.