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Oct 7, 2012
Hey guys,

I planning to get the sexy new iPhone 5 and made a idiot move in August. I signed up a 3 year contract with them. Bull crap move right? Anyways, I'm looking to get it LOCKED on Virgin Mobile, because the Wirelesswave guys said that they are not selling the full priced unlocked. Here's my question: The guys at the wirelesswave booth said that they will be able to unlock it in the future but if i bought it now, it would not be unlocked, so, IF I BUY THE PHONE NOW LOCKED, WILL I BE ABLE TO SAY THAT I BOUGHT IT FULL PRICE AND I WANT IT UNLOCKED FOR FREE?

EDIT: I mean when they can unlock it in the future, will I be able to say, I got the phone full price, and want it unlocked?



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Sep 28, 2012
nope you cannot get it unlocked. you have to buy the phone directly from apple online store. not on the apple store or any retail store.

take note.
apple online store = unlock phone
apple store = contract locked phone. (they don't sell unlock phones in store)
retail store = locked phones to carrier.


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Sep 29, 2012
Bell & virgin iphones can't be unlocked by the carriers. Best to buy on
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