iPhone 5 has yellow cast to screen

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    I powered up my brand new iPhone 5 today (Black 32 GB, AT&T) and noticed the screen, which is supposed to be the nicest in the industry, had an ugly yellow cast to it. At first I thought I might be imagining things. After all, maybe this was just the new color saturation I'd read about. But then I compared it to my wife's new iPhone 5. Her screen looked beautiful and crisp. Mine looked as if it had spent the past two years mopping floors in a busy cigar bar. (I exaggerate, but it was still pretty grim.)

    I returned the phone to Best Buy where I got it, and fortunately they had a replacement in stock. However, upon boot-up the screen showed the same ugly yellow as the first. I sheepishly returned it and went home with my funky old iPhone 4 that I've had for more than two years. It may not have Siri, but its screen doesn't remind me of death by second hand smoke.

    I don't know if this defect is bad enough to bother most people. I'm a designer by trade, so I understand I'm a little more sensitive to these color issues than 97% of the population. The Best Buy staff compared it to other iPhones they had on hand and noticed the yellow-ish look. But to them it wasn't a flaw, just a difference in production.

    I know previous iPhone releases have had batches of screens that leaned hard toward dingy yellows. Has anyone else noticed this with the iPhone 5?
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    I felt the same way when I got my iPhone 5, especially when looking at it next to my iPhone 4, which has a much colder cast. When compared to my iPad 3 and iPad 1, it's also warmer, though there isn't as big of a difference. I was wondering if it was just the one I got, or if they all have a warmer color temperature.

    Sometimes I feel like it looks fine and the iPhone 4 is too blue, sometimes I feel like it's too warm and the iPhone 4 looks right.
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    You may have returned it too quickly. I don't know about this year, because of the thinner display, but in previous years the screens were yellow on the iPhones at launch because the glue that they use to bond the display to the glass hasn't fully dried yet. My wife's iPhone5 was shipped from china and it was a little yellow, but the 16gb iPhone we bought was shipped from TN and was fine. Her phone actually looks fine now, the yellow has disappeared.
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    Gotten my iphone 5 for 2nd day now and compare to my iphone4 screen, this iph5 definitely look yellowish like an old phone compared to pure white bluish tone of iph4. Im disappointed in the color of screen when the white tone wasnt white, but rather dirty off-white color. I wonder anyone has any iphone5 with good white constrast on display?


    The yellowish tint has appeared on many new iOS devices, usually the ones within the first few days of release. The iPad, the iPhone 4S, and of course the iPhone 5 have all been photographed and videoed next to their older brethren to show the differences. MacRumors even started an “official” yellow tint thread last week as a nod to the typical new screen issue.

    However, the cause of this yellow tint may be simple. Apparently, there’s an adhesive for the digitizer that takes a little while to fully cure. While it’s still drying, it gives a new screen a yellowish tint. According to many sources, this tint will go away in the next few days, or in a week or so. It’s nothing to worry about. A similar answer was proposed in an official Apple discussion thread, so that’s at least two separate sources saying essentially the same thing. I’m comforted.

    Retrieved from : http://www.cultofmac.com/192299/does-your-iphone-5-screen-seem-yellow-dont-worry-overmuch/

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