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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by coneman5259, Dec 10, 2013.

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    I've had my iPhone 5 since this February and I have recently had some issues with it. I didn't get the AppleCare because I baby my phone and was able to keep an iPhone 4 in near perfect condition for three years.

    The home button on this phone has gone completely stiff and hyper sensitive. I barely touch it and it works which isn't too bad, kinda like it's touch operated like the screen. However it goes off in my pocket every five seconds turning on Siri and just keeping the screen lit up draining my battery fast. It has gotten so bad to the point that if I apply light pressure to the bottom half of the screen it will activate the home button. This means that I'll be texting and all of a sudden I'm back at the home screen which is infuriating.

    I also have a few dead pixels and there is dust inside of my camera lens. Am I doing something wrong here? I've been an iPhone owner since 2008 and I have never had any issues like this before.

    Do you think any of the above issues would be covered under the 1 year limited warranty from Apple? They might say the home button is from over use and the dust is from me having it in my pocket too much and me pointing out minuscule dead pixels might make me look like a nit-picker. But honestly I am not happy with the overall quality of the 5 coming from the rock solid 4.

    I've attached a picture to show the dust in the camera.

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    Take it into an Apple store and ask. You're still under warranty and the home button issue is a legitimate defect.

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