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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by BarkingGhost, Nov 26, 2015.

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    Last night I connected my wife's iPhone 5 running iOS 7.x.x with the intention of downloading the ~700 images she had on the phone. I thought I had done this previously, but honestly could not remember the details of any past labors.

    As expected, the Windows 7 Image Import wizard came to life asking if I wanted to download the images. I've used this tool many times in the past and it is configured to not delete anything after the import. I tested this on my own iPhone 5 just before I attempted the wife's phone last night.

    After the importation of images from my wife's iPhone 5, I noticed it only did so for the most recent 100 images, not touching the oldest 600 images. This seemed to indicate 'to me' that either this particular Windows 7 computer has somehow remembered it previously imported the 600 oldest images before, or that some prior import activity tagged the images as haven already been imported.

    Anyway, I cannot seem to get the entire collection copied from her phone to this particular Windows 7 computer. The Photos Sync function within iTunes on this computer seems to suggest it will sync the contents of a folder to the phone, which is exactly the opposite of what I want to do. Is there another option without having to buy software and not use Cloud services?
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    I know that feeling. I've experienced your question multiple times when dealing with various apple devices.

    What I used to do with my Windows 7 laptop when it came to photos was copying them over manually. I like to do it without using Windows Photo Wizard (I did it manually in a free fashion to help with orginization).

    I found something similar that should help you (unfortunately, I'm unable to post a picture on the forums)

    Method 1
    Source: http://www.m2mate.com/resources/5-ways-to-transfer-iphone-photos-to-computer.html

    You can do this by... (sorry about the bold wanted to ensure it stood out to help you out)

    Step 1. plug the iPhone into your computer through a charging cable and, ensure it is connected through iTunes

    Step 2. when you get the pop up asking what to do, click view the content

    Step 3. Find the iPhone's internal picture and video folders/DCIM/ and click on it [any of the folders displayed there contain all of your pictures]

    Step 4. Go into the selected folder under the /DCIM/ tab and, right click and scroll down to select all of your pictures (Hint each folder in the DCIM tab fals under a range of 1000 numbers)

    Step 5 Click copy

    Step 6 switch screens (open up the desired location where you want to store them)
    [you should create a folder for these pictures somewhere]

    Step 7 right click and, put paste.

    I like to do it this way because, it's a lot easier and, when your device has over 20,000 pictures and videos combined, it gets to be a real pain organizing them but, by matching up the numbers, you can see which pictures are missing.

    I hope this information helps you and, if you need any clarification, i'm able to assist you.:)

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