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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kdesign7, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I've only had my iPhone 5 for nearly a month or more, and I've noticed that my Power Button isn't working the way it should. There are times when I press the Power Button to turn off the Screen, I feel the click-feedback that I should, but the screen doesn't turn off. I'll wait a few seconds before trying again, hoping it's just delayed, but it doesn't turn off. A few more attempts and it works.

    Most times when I pretty the Power Button to turn on the iPhone, it works, other times it doesn't.

    Clearly my iPhone 5 is unmodified, never been dropped, tossed or treated in any shameful way. It's still pristine with zero scuffs/scratches.

    Last night was unusual. I tried to use the Camera to take a photo - it took longer than normal to load the application. I was able to focus on the object, take an image - I heard the sound effects - but the app just 'closed' the Iris (that animation effect built in) and it froze. I waited nearly 3-4 minutes to see if this would iron itself out - nothing. The iPhone then prompted me with the Black Screen with the Apple Logo -- and then Cycled through a reboot. When I was prompted with the Lockscreen... the swipe to unlock was unresponsive.

    Not going to lie folks - this went on for nearly 10 minutes. At one point I tried to hold the Power Button to forced a Shut down (with the swipe to shut down)... Nothing.

    I have nearly 5 gigs Free Storage, and only a hand full of apps that I use. The iPhone is charged on a regular basis when the battery reaches 5% or lower --

    Is Anyone having any of the issues that I am having? I haven't said anything to Apple at this point just because I want to see if I'm alone in this. Also, the iOS is current to 6.0.1

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to any feedback, suggestions, idea's :)

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    First, try a hard reset (hold down home and power button until screen turns off, wait for apple logo to appear).

    If this doesn't solve it, fully restore your phone.

    If this doesn't solve it, take it to apple for a replacement.
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    Feb 26, 2011
    your first issue sounds like a mechanical problem that someone at the Genius Bar can look at or CS.
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    my iPhone 5 would crash to black screen and apple logo after taking pictures and only selectively. Happened about 6-7 times, first time ten minutes after taking it out of the box. i think it has an issue, can't recall anyone else having this.

    The Apple Support person on the phone said it's a hardware issue and not just limited to the 5, but iphones in general. sometimes the camera is faulty and mis-communicates I think.

    getting a replacement.

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